000 – I’m open to new ideas

I got the idea for the 100 things about me from Fionnaigh, author of the beautiful monsters blog. I’m guessing Fionnaigh is based in Poneke – Wellington. Me too.

ecoqueer is a queer ecoanarchafeminist artist living down under in Aotearoa. she spends her time painting, reading, planting trees, walking in mountains, gardening, joining peace marches, learning te reo, and writing writing writing?

I love the 100 things idea – hope it was her idea and I hope she doesn’t mind that I was so inspired I added not only my own 100 things but was inspired to blog this as well. I suppose imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. I think her 100 things are more interesting than mine have been so far. Perhaps it’s that her stuff was all new to me whereas my stuff is all known to me. Well, at least so far. I might learn something new. That’d be good.

The good thing about being open to new things is when mild mannered James Farmer makes me an offer I can’t refuse in terms of blog services – well, I simply can’t refuse. Thanks, James, you th’ man!

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