001 – it’s full of stars

I completed a certificate in astronomy from Carter Observatory. My favourite constellation has to be Matariki, my favourite nebula is the Tarantula – I saw a photo of it and I could see the pattern that looked like a tarantula. Scary to think that Bowie’s spiders from Mars have moved out that far. What I like about Matariki is that it really heralds the start of the year in winter – winter solstice, perigee etc…I like those names. Matariki is aka Subaru in Japanese, Pleiades marks the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Achernar (Alpha Eridani) (sometimes spelled Achenar) is the bright star that tails off, between the Magellanic Clouds, from Crux, the Southern Cross. If you take a spot half way along that line and drop it at right angles to the horizon that?s south. Polaris – the North Star – also known as: Jedi. I got an A+ for some papers… I have an ancestor who lived in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. One of those great Victorian (as in Queen Victoria) enquiring minds, in addition to publishing his own book of poetry, he built and used his own telescope. Imagine – the clear, dark nights in Victorian Australia – minimal light pollution – fantastic.


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