italian toast

Inspired by the recent viewing of the Vincent Ward movie I’ve decided to consider exactly what things I’d want to eat, drink, do, be and see in heaven. In the event that there is some heaven of the type depicted in the movie I thought it would be helpful to start to start the definition processes. It’s a bit like getting an XML schema to wrap around the afterlife. So…

I take about four slices (per person) of panne de casa loaf – yesterday’s is not only fine, it’s probably best.

Next I whip up a egg (per person) with a splash of milk and a good grating of fresh nutmeg.

Then I bring a frying pan up to a hot (but not smoking) temperature and add a knob of butter. Now don’t get all anorexic about it, and don’t be lardy about it. A knob of butter is about a teaspoon full. The butter should melt and bubble, but not brown, or worse, burn.

Dip the bread in the egg mix, ensuring it’s covered on both sides, and then ease the eggy-bread into the pan. When the egg has set and browned a little, turn the bread and cook the other side. It takes about 2 – 3 minutes, but use your judgement – you’ll get it right.

Stir the egg mix between dipping the bread in to ensure the nutmeg is swirled. I take the cooked slices out and keep them warm while I cook the rest.

To serve the toast I cut it into strips about two fingers wide, and arrange it on a warmed dinner plate, with slices of fresh nectarines. You could use fresh strawberries or other berries as well. You could also use drained, canned peaches, but this is heaven, so why would you?

To finish your creation off, add some swirls of maple syrup (even the synthetic one is ok) or, if you’re completely heavenly, a berry or tamarillo colis. Finally, dust the whole delight with icing sugar.

I think this is best served after some gentle but thorough exercise which you could achieve indoors or out, vertically or horizontally, depending on how energetic your lover is. After all, there’s few things more pleasant than a nice walk along the beach. And after that, few things more heavenly than italian toast.


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