009 – chardonnay

My wife recently bought a bottle of chardonnay which we consumed most of during dinner. I usually don’t like chardonnay, but this was mostly drinkable. The worst wine I’ve ever spat is the Lombardi Wines (near Napier, New Zealand) chardonnay.

Redolent of compost with high, middle and base notes of rotting grapefruit. Exquisite. The boss of a company I used to work for used to buy this bottled effluvia by the case.

I always enjoyed watching the young sales dood grimace, as he attempted to be all grown up, drinking this vile fluid and telling me how if I had developed sophisticated taste buds I would enjoy it. Perhaps when I grow up I’ll enjoy drinking this nectar.

Of course, by then I’ll also have a suit from the Emperor’s New Clothes Boutique…


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