012 – moviesseivom

I love carefully made movies which entwine back on themselves. When you get through to the end you realise you’ve been taken along for a secret ride and now you know and you really need to watch the movie again so you can figure out all the layers in the story. Time Bandits. Love Actually. Usual Suspects. Amelie. Speaking of Amelie, as it happens, yes, I AM somebody’s little weasel.

Labyrinth did it slightly differently, more like Time Bandits with fragments of the scenery being shown in the background before reappearing as a prop, and back again.

‘Lost’, the tv series, did quite a good job in the flashback sequences in the airport, in the hours before the fateful flight. It was possible to see other characters just walking past in the background etc.

So, the interesting question is: who just walked behind you? Is that face at the bus stop familiar? Should you get in the lift with that person (it leads to the departure lounge)… oh, it’s ok, just Gavin de Becker.


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