It’s just over a month since I started blogging in this space.

Results to date: I’m learning to love the WordPress blog engine, it’ll be even lovelier when I can carve up my own template however. There’s been a few learning curves I’ve driven off in an attempt to bring meaningful content (not here, but about my other love, aquaculture).

I’m already in love with the Edublog implementation. Well done that James.

I’ve blogged every day and my somewhat nervous random scribblings (in a digital sense) have started to take a better form. I’ve added some of my drawings and a style of writing is emerging.

Like a pinch on the neck from Mr Spock. I’m listening at the moment to Beastie Boys ‘Intergalactic’, and Mike Oldfield with Jon Anderson ‘Shine’, and soon it will be some other inspired (i.e. I like it) selection from my diverse collection of mp3s. Life is too short to only listen to one kind of music. So my collection contains throat singing, sounds from nature and classics from about the 1600s until today.

The point to this? My blog is likely to become every more diverse in content. I don’t make any apologies – if you are reading this and you are not me you can always click off to somewhere else in the long tail. Meanwhile, this blog and me continue to be about – and for – me.

All for me, me for all…Duke Ellington, Mood Indigo. It’s getting better all the time.


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