Room with a view

There, in full view, the nest. In a line, approximately half way between the sun and the arum lily flower. About 1.5 metres above the ground.

Judge’s comments:

The designer has given a nod to the rustic indigenous designs found in the area 200 years ago while boldly incorporating that most po-mo of postmodern industrial materials, recycled plastic. The vigour and simplicity of this striking design conceals the complex demands required to create the blackbird family home. Exquisite detailing, seamless integration with the site and landscaping, fabulous views and superb indoor-outdoor flow have all combined to create this magnificent home. Our pleasure at awarding the premiere prize in this year’s architectural awards has been hightened by finding that the dwelling has been designed and built by the owners. Our warmest congratulations.

The owners were unavailable for comment at the time of going to press. We are delighted to announce that an interview has been recorded and this will be available shortly. We also understand that the Blackbirds are unavailable for further design and construction projects this year due to family priorities. They may consider further contracts in 2006. They can be contacted through the publishers.


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