how to explore (without a map) – part 2

The first step is to decide that you’re going to explore. This is an essential. If you are there to do a task there’s a good chance you’ll do the job, but learn nothing new. It’s like the first step in attending a party or a picnic is deciding that you’re going to have a good time.

Decide you’re going to explore also means you’re not just going to talk about it – that’s interesting but different – instead you actually start out right where you are now. Now! Right here, right now.

Warning! Do not ring a friend. This is not taking action. Do not discuss this with anyone you know. You do not need their negative thoughts, ideas, criticisms, or opinions at this point. Of course, your friends are different, not at all like the mongrels I associate with. Your friends will be all supportive and encouraging.

When you’ve found that to be not quite the case more often than not, start again at the top of this post…

Back on the road again, let’s say you wanted to explore the Amazon. Unless your friend is a travel agent, do not call them. This is the first, but not the last time you must trust strangers on your journey. Pick up the phone, call a travel agent and say, “Hi, I want to be on the next most economical flight to Brazil – I want to explore the Amazon. Can you please get me some quotes and call me back?”

On a less ambitious level, you say you’re bored but you eat at the same place every day. If you’re a city dweller, eat at every single eating establishment on your block. If you’re a country worker, with a packed lunch, make a drawing of your lunch every day for a month. Try something different. Just shut the voice in your head up and do it.

In summary, make a decision. A decision in this instance means take meaningful action. If you don’t feel some physiological change in yourself – a quickening of your heart and spirit – then you haven’t made a decision; you’ve just given yourself another burden to procrastinate about. And that’s ok. Just don’t pretend about it. Don’t dare say to your friends and family (who’re already bored with you), ‘I nearly explored the Amazon the other day.’

how to explore (without a map) –
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