how to explore (without a map) – part 4

Step three is: Look at it closely. From all sides. Maybe someone else has looked at it before too. This is when you call your friends and family. Try the library. The university. You might get lucky (don’t bet on it) a university with a good library. The internet. Try using a search engine other than Google – nothing wrong with Google – but *yawn* a bit jaded – right? Bring a bit of your inner explorer to the fore –

Don’t panic – it’s easy. You don’t have to share anything, just some questions. It’s ok to ask why the sky is blue. It’s less ok to shout, “The sky is falling” – especially when everyone knows it’s the ground that is rising.

Look closer. Closer. Stick your tongue out and lick it. If you’re unsure if it’s safe, use someone else’s tongue. Sniff it. Listen to it. Look at it over time. Check it out, thoroughly.

Interlude summary: Cook gets on his boat with Banks and they sail away. They wash up in the South Pacific – which they know because of the plastic tikis in duty free. (Step 1). Banks notices on the horizon some lumpy green stuff and they agree to go closer for a bit of a look. (Step 2). The green stuff turns out to be attached to land, but they still can’t be sure of what they see. They get a rowboat out and head off towards the shore. The crew isn’t stupid; none of them wears a red shirt…

They land and it turns out on closer inspection the lumpy green stuff isn’t one big mass, rather an assemblage of lots of individual green stuff on hard brownish uppyright things. Banks gets up close and intimate with some of these things. He frowns. Holds his chin with one hand. Stares into the middle distance and makes ‘hmmmm’ noises. A slight sound of wheels turning can be heard over the screams of one of the crew being eaten by the Trouser Eating Plants from the forests of France… (step 3) vegetation … perhaps? Hmmmm…

how to explore (without a map) –
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