how to explore (without a map) – part 4 (cont.)

Look at it also means try to measure it in some way – and I’ve decided there are lots of different ways. Here are some ways you could try:

Space – how much space does it take up? Why is it where it is? Where is it – here, nearby, somewhere, somewhere else? (Buzz word: spatial)

Time – what happens over time? Some things happen quickly like a flower in the desert after rain, other things are slower like the rock by the flower is busy heading towards the sea. Just because you can’t see it moving doesn’t mean it isn’t. (Buzz word: temporal)

Feelings – how do you feel about it? What are you thinking about? (Buzz word: psychological)

Language – where does this fit in? Is a new word needed? Does it really exist or is it an illusion? Are you accurately describing what you see – what is the test? (Buzz word: ontological)

Patterns – are you seeing a pattern that IS a pattern, or just a pattern? (Buzz word: apophenical)

Cultural – is this local, regional, national or international?

Context – where/how does this fit in, or not? (Buzz word: contextual)

Don’t stop with these – go make some up for yourself.

how to explore (without a map) –
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