how to explore (without a map) – part 5

Think about it.

Have you seen stuff like this before? What is it similar to? How is it different from other stuff you’ve seen? Reflect on it. Think about it. How has it changed over time? Does it stay the same over time? Does it come back to being the same over time? What is the pattern? What have you done to ensure you’ve seen it from all angles?

Note: this is not a matter of being right or wrong here, it’s about looking and seeing – what is there, not what you think is there. At one stage people didn’t know where Barnacle Geese laid their eggs (they migrate to get laid and raise their young). The people did know about Gooseneck Barnacles (no relation). Gooseneck geese are aquatic birds that float on the sea. Gooseneck barnacles attach themselves to logs floating in the sea. Could it be that the barnacles were the young of the geese? They look kind of geese-like in a mollusc-ian kind of way. People saw what they thought they saw. They didn’t look long enough or hard enough. So, look, and think about what you’re looking at.

how to explore (without a map) –
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