how to explore (without a map) – part 8

Rest, reflect, and review. Sit back and look over your map along with any changes you’ve made as a result of step 6. Do nothing more, if that is your wish, or go to step 1 and repeat.

Do these enough, often, deep, hard, thoroughly, and people will start to call you words like ‘master’, ‘expert’, and ‘gifted’. And if you start to make money from this they will also call you ‘lucky’.

Don’t forget, what you’ve done is map or describe something. It’s not the ‘thing’ itself. This makes you a philosopher – a describer – and not part of the thing.

The thing that can be described is not the thing at all.

You’ve done enough reading now; it’s time for you to explore. Wait – what’s that over there? Looks interesting…

Marica Sevelj, wrote about desire lines. For me, there’s a slightly different meaning than the traditional definition. I believe a journey of 10,000 miles starts with one click, you simply have to follow your desire lines…

how to explore (without a map) –
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