014 – can’t get it up

One of the great frustrations in life, and I think one of the great character-builders that a person can face in life, is when you realise that what you love can’t get it up.

I’m not talking about sex here, although that might be true in your case. What I’m referring to here is when you have had a chance to explore an activity which you love doing, but it can’t earn you a decent living. I have seen it often in others, and know it from my own experience – the things I love doing can’t get it up – they don’t earn me a living.

This becomes slightly more frustrating when you see someone else doing exactly what you’d like to do and some how – miracle of miracles – they’re earning a living from it. What completely drives me to the point of intense character building is when I see someone doing it badly, but still managing to stay in business.

And if it is a job or business I’ve personally been involved in, particularly if it is one I’ve worked hard in to stay in – just don’t ask.

Althought there are books about ‘do what you love and the universe will reward you with cash’ I don’t think I’m alone in this feeling somehow cheated and at the least, annoyed, because someone is doing badly what you’d like to do well. And somehow it works for them. I can remember as a kid, my brother’s friend talking about a mutual acquaintence of theirs, and how something had gone well for the individual – Terry’s rueful comment was – ‘It always happens for the people you hate’. He only slightly laughed.

Like many people I’ve given up doing many of the things I love doing, and things I’m good at doing, in order to earn a living. I think everyone has a gift of some kind – something they can do particularly effortlessly, or simply just works for them. Lucky the person who has been able to convert that skill, talent, or gift – call it what you will – into a cash generating activity. But most don’t have that lucky knack.

So people try to manage this – it becomes character building – to balance up the economic needs with the emotional, spiritual, heart-of-heart needs. Desire lines and maps – I see this as the ideal concept of earning a living. When you can follow and do what you do naturally and well.

Sadly, for most people, the need to earn money outweighs the natural flow.


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