concrete poetry

image from to the wikipedia’s definition, concrete poetry is poetry in which the typographical arrangement of words is as important in conveying the intended effect as the conventional elements of the poem, such as meaning of words, rhythm, rhyme and so on.

I love this city, the hills, the harbour, the wind that blasts through it. I love the life and pulse and acivity, and the warm decrepitude… there’s always an edge here that one must walk which is sharp and precarious, requiring vigilance.

Patricia Grace

map from - the wellinton writer's walkDown on Wellington’s waterfront, now a wonderful fusion of natural scenery and urban structures, there is a walk which is marked at various points by a series of large, concrete, typographic ‘text sculptures’ designed by Catherine Griffiths. Each sculpture contains a quote by a well-known New Zealand writer with strong Wellington connections.

The walk currently celebrates the work of 11 writers; Katherine Mansfield, James K Baxter, Robin Hyde, Bill Manhire, Bruce Mason, Patricia Grace, Maurice Gee, Patrick (Pat) Lawlor, Vincent O’Sullivan, Lauris Edmond, and Denis Glover.

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