must someone have only one husband or wife nowadays?

When I was asked this interesting question I didn’t quite know how to reply. It’s never that easy, if you believe, as I do, that there is this special someone, somwhere, out there; and when you find them, you don’t let go. At least not without a fight (to keep them).

I know what you’re thinking: incurable romantic.

I’ll admit to that. If something was to happen to my wife I’m not too sure what I’d do.

If you do have a wife (or husband) I don’t think you should be in too big a rush to take on a second one – life is confusing enough without adding to the clutter of having a second relationship on the side. OK, I’ll admit to being old fashioned as well. I’m just not suited to multi-tasking, but I am reliably informed that women are better at it than men.

I was reading the other night about the politics of happiness – apparently a big topic of research in the UK. No surprises there, with the spectre of Taylorism ever present and an approach to vocational training seemingly pioneered by the Borgias. It seems that after exhaustive research they’ve found that people who’re well fed, well paid, good looking, in stable relationships and have sex often are happier than those who don’t.

Social science research – ain’t it grand?


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