four and twenty

My Uncle Roy had a dog called Jack. He also had a wife, Myrtle, and a little truck. They went to Otaki and the dog wouldn’t let Aunty Myrtle in the front seat so guess who rode on the back?

The last time I saw them, Aunty Myrtle told me she remembered the time my brother went to visit, many years ago. She had just made a blackbird pie and my brother had commented that it was just as well I wasn’t there as I’d be so upset.

I was pretty stunned as it was, all these years later. I had no idea people made blackbird pies – I thought that was the stuff of nursery rhymes.

And she was right I would’ve been upset. I was so surprised by all this information I forgot to ask how many blackbirds it took. Any how did they get them – enough to make a pie. There was no such thing as freezers in those days.

Drives me me nuts when family history provokes more questions than answers.


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