get in touch with your inner viking

image from //“The Californian poppy is in a transitional stage – it has not yet found and fixed itself. To my way of thinking all of the eschscholtzias that are actually Californian poppies are of the same species – a great family of brothers and sisters and cousins having a family resemblance, but with none of its characteristics definitely fixed. It is probably a young plant, botanically speaking, and hasn’t found itself.” (Luther Burbank)

Watching Fried Green Tomatoes in the early hours of Saturday, love the supermarket car park scene where Kathy Bates repeatedly drives into the young chick’s car with the shout, ‘I’m older, I’ve got more insurance.’

My Uncle Jo is well in his 90s. He’s the oldest of his family, and still lives in his own home, by himself, with just a little extra assistance. Jo’s well in touch with his inner viking. As an example of this, a few years ago, in his very late 80s he got himself one of those scooter jobbies to help him with his ‘mobility’. Jo took the mobility thing quite seriously, and one day, while deeply in touch with his inner viking, rolled the scooter whilst trying to corner too quickly. He has given up on his ambition to race the kids on their skateboards. Personally, I’m glad. No one likes to see kids weeping because some codger with the inner viking won. That’d be Jo as in Johannes, by the way.

My sister is in touch with her inner viking too. Needs to be.

Find your authentic self. If you don’t have the inner viking, hunt around inside – there might be an inner warrier of a different kind. That’s ok too. You never know when you’ll need you inner viking. Some snot-nosed brat steps you out with their skateboard, remember Jo. Go ’til you roll your scooter. Then laugh. That’s your inner viking.

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