can’t boil water café

There’s been a lot of interest lately from people asking here about food and cooking and recipes. I’ve decided to add a category called the ‘can’t boil water café’ for those people interested in producing stylish food, easily and simply, but think that maybe they can’t – it’s too hard, too complicated, too whatever.

Guys – I believe it’s the ultimate pick up line – you don’t have to say anything, just be accomplished in the kitchen and everything works out just fine from there. It stands to reason that if you’re ace in the food room you’ll be no slouch in the bed room. Because food is such a sensual, delicious experience – and what better way to end the perfect evening than with breakfast in bed?

At this point I’d like to stick a skewer though this carefully wrought construct that men are only interested in meat. I’m assuming that’s a result one of those meat producer boards carefully promoting the idea, having never recovered from the efforts of the spinach marketing board.


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