a star is born

star fish, definitely a star fishTake a look at this picture. Looks like a starfish, right? A slightly deformed starfish, but a starfish, nevertheless.

It’s a starfish in the process of growing its arms. One of the cool things about starfish is that if they lose arms they can grow new ones back.

But here’s the thing. We can still tell it’s a starfish. We’re not so lucky. Look at that guy over there, that girl there – despite what they’re looking like, can you tell anything about their inner qualities? Can you tell, for example, if they’re stars in the process of growing their points? It’s kind of sad, but we’re not always connected with our inner stars.

But we need to be. For the good of us all. What would make you happy? What are you doing about getting happy? Stretch out your arms and become the star you are.

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