rest for the wicked

I finally got my masters research draft written up today – the draft took a number of attempts to get it across the ditch to my supervisor. In the end I uploaded it to a back corner of my web site and Peter will be able to download it from there. Feeling grateful that I’ve nearly at the end of the process and that I kept the web site even if it looks more like a sock drawer than a nice tidy web site.

I also got the GST return done – yay. The IRD web site is a vast improvement and NZ/IRD should be recognised for their most excellent efforts at getting into the 20th century – the online work is very good. Now, if only they drag it that tiny last snippet into the 21st century and have an AAA compliant (instead of merely Level A) web site I’d be very proud of them.

Time for a coffee, a shower, and an early night – it’s 23:39…


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