trying to face the strain of changes

People have been asking me lately about facing the strain of trying changes. Not just ordinary changes, but trying changes. Changes that are more than a little upsetting.

You’re doing ok, and it’s all going to work out fine. You’re made from the same material as the stars, you’re a unique and wonderful person, and there has never been someone exactly like before and there never will be again. You have got an exceptionally unique contribution to make, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like that.

It’s ok to feel a little upset with changes. That’s normal. Sit with the remote control and flick over channels madly. In a short time you’ll feel upset – because you haven’t had time to process all the information. In your everyday life it’s essentially the same – take some time out to process the information, and then cut back in when you’re ready.

We can feel upset when the changes are too big or too fast. Again, this is normal. You’re going to be just fine. Find something you can relate to that is not going to lead you astray and pay attention to it. I suggest pay attention to something that isn’t going to bind you into something worse. You don’t need to eat, smoke, do drugs, or cling on to people. You have got the power to nap in the afternoon, eat wisely, take some gentle exercise, and admire nature. Take a walk along the beach, or in the park, in the sun. Try to relax, have a nap.

What a cliche – yes? At least someone isn’t trying to sucker you into spending money on them while your health suffers.

Change isn’t always a bad thing. When you look back on your life there are somethings you’re probably glad you gave up on. I’m personally very glad I gave up on the 70s, 80s, and much of the 90s. Don’t miss ‘em at all. If change is getting too much for you, pick some part you can give up, and give it up.

Take some action to point your life in the general direction you want to go. Don’t worry about the details, just start exploring. Get rid of whatever is stressing you, little by little if you have to, but take some action. Life is short, so don’t waste it negatively.

The other thing you can do is a little aikido – don’t resist the changes – pull and strain. Turn and push into them. When you do this knowingly and wisely, the changes will often fall over with surprise. You can then serenely start moving in the direction of yourself.


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