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F-69 - feeling fat
F-69 - feeling slimmerToday, the F-69 decided that rather than hang on grimly to the weight-loss programme that the best option was to slip under the surgeons knife and finally shuck off that bizarre head-piece left over from the 80’s. Big hair might have been the fashion then, but today something more sleek is – well – who needs bad fashion, right? Life is short, get a good blade-master and get on with it.

F-69 - feeling slimmer stillAs I understand it the reason for the refit is that now with high speed wireless provided by CafeNet there is no need for the old fashioned communication technologies, and with a radical new, top secret Hamilton Jet engine that runs on water to be installed, the old masts and funnel only add unnecessary weight and wind resistance. The metal from the masts and funnel is to be sold for scrap or to start new lives as garden art.

New Zealand’s privatisation and user-pays policies apply to almost everything; so thankfully enormous corporate sponsorship has seen this frigate prepared ready (for the release date, November 12 – yes, the day after Armistice Day – 2005) to make a new and important contribution to protecting New Zealand’s valuable inshore fishing resource.

F-69 - feeling sooo svelte
If you’d like to make an offer for a mast, or perhaps the funnel, you can find more information here.

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