sea town

I must go down to the sea again

You will find the beaches of America (and New Zealand) generally are used for one or two interests – jumping the waves or acquiring a coat of tan on the sand. How few people know the wonders of life, so abundant and so interesting, that can be seen along the shore and among the rocks! Life in myriad forms sways or swims or idles there, from the tiniest organism clinging to a shell or a bit of moss to the fishes that dart and race hither and yonder in pursuit of food or at play; from the dainty, delicate plants to the ponderous seaweeds; from the miniature shell-life, more beautiful than jewels, to the great starfish or the giant abalone, withdrawn and with its trap open to catch a passing meal! And on the seashore itself shells, brightly coloured bits of seaweed, luminous rocks – even individual grains of sand, especially when examined under a microscope, are an inexhaustable source of delight and inspiration.

Luther Burbank Harvest of the Years

The weather was so beautiful today, I just wanted to be exploring rock pools. Instead, I explored another 200 ways of using punctuation as if it mattered. It is not an inexhaustable source of delight and inspiration. In case you were wondering.

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