016 – words fascinate me

I’m often fascinated by words – it’s part of my job, I guess, although there’s little fascination in that respect there.

I’m interested in words that are the names for things. Like aglet. It’s the name of the metal or plastic sheath over the end of a shoelace or ribbon.

One of my most recent favourites is ‘tittle’. Tittle is the correct name for the dot on a lower case i.

I also really like words within words. Like manslaughter – which I tend to see as mans laughter. And the here in there.

The most economical word in that respect that I can think of is ‘therein’.

Therein. The. He. There. Here. Ere. Rein. I. In. Herein. Ten for the price of one, and not even needing to reorder any letters.

I was talking with my friend, Taffy and she mentioned the here in there. Taffy’s favourite word(s) within a word is the title of a Swedish book, done in four different colours, looks like this:

NÖDVÄNDIGHET. It means necessity. The colours split it into four three letter groups nöd vän dig het.

Nöd means need, but only the noun, vän means friend, dig means you, as an object in a sentence, eg jag alskar dig, and het means hot. It really makes her wish she’d thought of it first, and she and I’d like it on a T-shirt.


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