how to sell your husband

Heavens! The things people ask me. How to sell your husband.

There’s a number of answers. First, he probably comes stocked with a number of duplicated organs and accessories that he only needs one of. And in some cases, either doesn’t need them at all (like ear lobes) or they can be ‘farmed’ and sold – like tears, or blood. Think of sheep – there’s more money over the long term in shearing the wool than cutting the throat.

Oh. Not that kind of selling. You wanted a one-stop-shop approach? So, as I understand it, you’ve got a slightly used husband and you want to sell him? Has he been well cared for? Do you have the log books and manuals, and a current warrant of fitness? What? As is where is? Not unlike yourself? Yeah, right. Wow. What a deal.

Oh, again, not that kind of selling. You’re meaning as in building up this superb product that if you support and enhance his earning capacity then you’ll benefit richly as well? Selling as in promoting and marketing team ‘you’ in the market place? Great idea. Stay tuned.


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