tough subjects in a tough market

I’m always interested in people who have looked over into the abyss, and who come back to tell the story. It’s great when their story reaches out and touches people; and even better when they manage to tell stories that make a contribution towards positive change for other travellers.

I was thrilled to read today that my must-read-blog pal, Trevor Romain, has scored the award for Best Independent Video Series Aged 5 – 8. Great news, Trevor, congrats.

Again, for those who voted for us, thank you all so very much. We won the award for Best Independent Video Series Aged 5 – 8. We are still in the running for the big award, which will be announced at the event. The Kids First Awards is a big deal for us because it’s like the Oscars for kids. We are so grateful, not only to those who voted for us, but to everyone who worked so hard on producing the series. Production on the next three episodes starts in December. Watch this space for more information.

(I’m happy to share some more good news! We were also awarded the Parent’s Choice Gold Award for our video “What On Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies?” and the silver for “Bullies Are A Pain In The Brain.”)


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