can’t get it up part II

Way back when, I blogged about how annoying it is to love doing something, but that it can’t support you. I called it, ‘can’t get it up‘.

It’s still a dream, I guess of others as well, to pack in my day job and go pursue more interesting, and more lucrative roles. But I’ve been there, and given the choice about being ‘free’ but broke, the ‘leash’ of economic security gets more comfortable by the day. But I still pursue ideas on the chance that the opportunity will present itself, and I’ll have the preparation to be able to take full advantage of it.

I’m not entirely alone in this idea of keeping the day job while trying to plant seeds for a new, brighter future. David St Lawrence says: Don’t give up your day job, and again, and again. Not always as comforting as I’d like, but at least realistic.


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