time slips

I had a late lunch with my sister and brother-in-law today. It was a wonderfully sunny late spring day, and we explored the nuances of barbeque. The venue was at Mo and Owen’s place in Paraparaumu – don’t worry about where exactly, clearly, your invite is ’still in the mail’. Mo – Maureen – is my sister’s schoolhood friend – I always thought she was the sun itself – a warm, genuine and funny person then, and nothing has changed.

What was interesting to me was Mo and my sister sat and ate their lunch with another couple – mutual friends from high school. They were schoolyard sweethearts – and still together 30+ years later. Very nice. The interesting part was watching them talk and laugh about the old days, and for a moment I had the vision of the wearing their school uniforms and the years rolled back to the late 60s.

The girls wore pleated grey gym slips – goodness knows what that means – the hem had to be a palm span above the knee – none of this mini-skirtedness. The girls had underwear inspection to ensure they were wearing the regulation undies. Tell me that’s not a job prospect or two…

Guys wore grey shorts, caps and hair was short, back and sides.

The good old days sucked, from my perspective. The only thing they had to recommend them, in my opinion, it that eventually, they ended. And not a moment too soon. The used to say, “Nothing is better than this”. How right they were. Sorry, all you nostalgia buffs, the only reason for a time machine is to go backwards in order to deposit some money on compound interest, ready for when you go forwards.


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