time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana

It seems like an age since I blogged here last – there’s been all sorts of issues that I haven’t been able to resolve in terms of getting into the site to blog – the time I usually write I don’t seem to be able to get a good access, and then I get angry and tired and at times like this even Fat Freddy’s Drop is not much help. I just go to bed.

It’s not that I haven’t been productive, I just need to dig the postings out of Word and get them here.

link to Blog Hui 2006I’ve also been making bullets and badges to help promote Blog Hui 2006 – damn that’s been fun – they had to drag me off or I’d still be making them. Last summer Mira spent a day or so turning innocent bottle caps into embellishments for visual diaries and because, well, it’s fun too. I now understand and have begun to think of the badges and buttons as digital embellishments.

I’ve also been doing war with the code of the online registration form. At the moment there’s a sullen stand-off as we look at each other battered and bruised. Php is all well and good, but from time to time thought is required – and that can be painful. When I’d rather be blogging or badging or buttoning.

Meanwhile Friday night has become Sunday afternoon, and life is a razor edge present between an infinity before and behind. Sometimes I feel like I’m toppling forward into time…even though there’s never enough of it.

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