last ‘working’ day

beer - it doesn't get better than thisToday is the last day – well, half day in the office. I’ve got work coming out my ears and then some. It’s better not to think about the content of the image to the left here. It’s truely better to just knuckle down and try to get on with it. I really understand the initial appeal of alcohol – no matter how hideous the hangover, the day-to-day work manages to make it attractive.

Already I’m making plans for 2006 – I’m beginning to look around in Australia and New Zealand for a meaningful option or two to commence my PhD – more about the impact of education in another posting. I’m still in recovery, possibly in need of psycho-babble, in a post masters mode. Study comes a huge price these days – quite apart from the loss of money, there’s the loss of earnings while you study, and unless you’re a kid you’ll never see than money again. So much for lifelong learning. It’s quite over-rated as a formal exercise and severely under-rated informal activity.

We definitely need more interesting teachers, working informally, to allow for a better educated and thus enriched society. Happiness is what we need – and there’s scientific evidence to support this now.

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