reasons to be grateful

Queen of the NightXmas Eve. It’s been a huge year for us. We’re all pretty exhausted, but happy and healthy and we can’t ask for more that that. There are some things I am especially grateful for, and this seems like good time to note the changes.

We’ve had fulltime work for a full year each. Our jobs have their ups and downs, but at least there’s a positive cash flow.

Mira’s had a productive year exploring art and creativity and is showing great promise. Damian has also been exploring his creative side, and we’ve only had a couple of trips to emergency facilities. Zofia has started to make numbers her game and that’s been interesting.

Marica and I have taken trips to Sydney and Brisbane and met some interesting new friends, and caught up with old friends.

I’ve been more concerned with trying to lose weight than wonder where the next meal is coming from.

More worried about the pile of paper about to be torn from the presents downstairs than being able to afford a gift at all.

More worried about a scratch on the car paintwork than being able to have a car at all.

I finished my masters, and got great marks for my final research.

We’ve had some health panics this year, but we’re all still here.

And then, this evening, one of my favourite flowers, the night flowering ‘Queen of the Night’ (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) cactus opened. These flowers are pollinated by moths in the wild. The flowers are as wide as a hand spread, and have the most heady fragrance – they want to be pollinated big time. If only blogs supported fragrance!

It’s been a very good year.

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