attack of the drones

Just spent a few moments reading the links that show the latest postings on the blog site. I like to stop by from to time to see what people have been thinking and writing. Not surprisingly it’s all been a bit quiet lately – people have been participating in life instead of blogging.

But not everyone.

I notice there’s a drone (perhaps drones) who has felt the urge to open a number of new blogs, potentially rich in content, but not in this case. They’re entitled ‘Getting started for Online Business’, ‘SEO Strategies’, ‘Online dating tips’, ‘Cosmetic Surgery’, ‘Direct Mailing Tips’, ‘Pet Training Tips’, ‘Home Mortgage Tips’, and ‘weightloss’. Now I’m sure James will have a policy about this somewhere, or will make one up pretty quickly, so you’ll have to be quick to see the nothing that is there.

And that, for me, is the real problem. The nothing, that is. It’s not that I’m opposed to these topics at all – there’s a time and a place for everything. I’ve been interested in all these topics at some stage in my life. It’s that you can capture the content in about a paragraph or less – at times, part of sentence encompasses all of the information required for success.

Let’s have a look –
Getting started for Online Business
Find something someone online wants to buy. Agree on a price. Do the transaction. Get paid. Do it again. Account for it once a year. Pay tax on the profit. Do it again.

SEO Strategies
Write clean code. Use meta terms. Write valuable content so other people link to your writing. Do it again.

Online dating tips
Write well. It’s a skill the Victorian’s valued. Your dick isn’t 8 inches long (you’re not supposed to measure from your belly button). It isn’t as fat as a coke can (you’re supposed to take your hand off before you wrap the tape around). Respect, respect, respect. The person you’re getting down and dirty with is probably a guy.

Cosmetic Surgery
Find a qualified surgeon, listen to their counsel and have them modify your body as you see fit. It is possible for things to go wrong. That’ll just serve to make you more interesting. Everything dies eventually and in the scale of the universe your obsession with the way you look is deeply meaningful. Or not.

Direct Mailing Tips
Get something of value to others. Write about it well. Send mail the cheapest way possible. There’s a good chance it will not be valuable to most people, but some will be interested. Do it again.

Pet Training Tips
Most people can’t train themselves. If you’re not getting the results you want, ask yourself what’s being rewarded. Reward the behaviours you want, don’t engage with the ones you do not. Do it again and again. It is an animal, it may have a higher IQ than you.

Home Mortgage Tips
Get the lowest interest rate for the longest time. A quarter of a percent is a big amount – don’t be fooled into thinking it’s not. Get a second job and apply every penny against that mortgage as soon as possible. Sell all your unwanted and unnecessary crap and apply every penny against the mortagage. With a minimal extra effort you can cut tens of thousands off your mortgage over its life. I did this on my first house and pulled a 25 year mortgage down to a 10 year mortgage in five years. I saved over $65,000 – I couldn’t have saved that amount in five years. Well worth the effort. It’s important you act within the first five years to get the most impact, but it’s never too late to start. Re-finance to a different bank if you can get a better rate. Don’t be afraid to be a mortgage slut – treat banks with the same respect that you do a parking space – if you can get a better one closer, take it. They will treat you with the utmost contempt, you should treat them likewise. They are there for the sole purpose of making money out of your debt. Get out of debt. Again, get out of debt.

Eat less. Exercise more.


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