last call

Today is the day I like to spend goal setting and planning for the next year. I’m not given to new years resolutions which last 15 minutes or less – I tend to take time putting the ideas together, and when I’ve got them where I want them I go chase them down. Like big game hunting, as Dennis Oliver from the YMCA used to say.

In the past I’ve set goals like getting down to a certain weight (never to go up, I might add), to do something like study (that’s how my masters degree came about), to go somewhere (which is how I came to take my mother at age 81 to China and on to Denmark).

This year – for 2006 that is, we’re already plotting and scheming – there’s Blog Hui in March, and I’m quite keen to indulge in some further travel – I’ve never been to New York before, and I’m thinking it’s high time. I have an urge to create a new blog, to develop some better css skills, to learn some php, and maybe find a gap to complete some other study. I was going to do some university study, but I think it’s time for an interlude from that – just for the moment as there are some practical things to explore.

This has been a hard year for me, but some really good things have come to pass – may there be many more for us all.


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