oh yeah, that time of year…

The summer break is almost over – almost over before it starts. Going back to work has all the feelings I used to have about going back to school – you just know no good can come from it. At least going off to school there was the excitement of having new books to write in – that feeling of crisp new paper and the smell of the pale blue ink. That all faded fast enough, but it was great while it lasted. Work just doesn’t have that going for it – no new writing books, no new lunch box, actually, very little going for it whatsoever.


I can be uplifted and inspired by Gus Mueller’s comments about becoming ‘indie’ and how it only took him 1,068 days to become an independent programmer. I can’t program, let alone program marketable software for the mac, but thanks for sharing, Gus, you’ve done a fine job and deserve every success.

And following on a couple of clicks later, Danny Gregory tells a story about stepping out in faith. In the dark days it’s been great having Danny’s blog to restore my faith in the possibility of being creative on a daily basis, and possibly generating a living from it. Danny finishes off his posting by asking what lessons did he learn:

  • Choose your path.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Improvise.
  • Count your blessings.
  • Trust in the power of love.


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