before and after

Our garden before the masters research and writingBefore:
Back in the days – ooo – about a zillion years ago, before I started getting industrial about my masters research and writing, this is what our garden looked like. I’d rebuilt the garden as a surprise for Marica, while she was in Australia for her FLLinNZ project. And I have to say I was pretty pleased with the overall effect – a lovely looking garden. The annual bedding plants were ex Bristols in Wanganui – they do a fine job on their bedding plants – you can check out the results at the annual Wanganui in Bloom in the main street.

Our garden after the masters research and writingAfter:
A few days before xmas, this is what our garden looked like. And this was AFTER I’d mowed the lawn. Perhaps if I’d done a Masters in horticulture the garden might’ve ended up looking more refined. Marica has shared her thoughts on our rustic style. The garden will become something more of a priority in 2006.

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