waiting, waiting, waiting…

Marica bought me a nice new camera for xmas – a Fuji F10. V.funky. None of this cable stuff, I can just rip the chip out and shove it up my laptop. *Bing* It reads it just like another drive. Love it. The F10’s very nice. Looks like any old camera, but concealed behind that plain exterior is a 6.3 mpx ccd. Nice.

I ordered a more intense chip before xmas (seeing as Santa had let it slip) and was all ready to get digital over xmas. Sadly the email came through…see you later in ‘06. Poop. And not just ‘06, but the 9th. Thinks: damn near 2007.

Today’s the 9th. I did get an email saying your chip’s shipped. Waiting, waiting, waiting… how many sleeps to go NOW?


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