ako.net.nz launched – finally

There’s been the occasional late night or 10, and some long weekend days which blur into nights into mornings into days…

but finally our ako.net.nz web site has been relaunched.

Many, many fewer pages with tables – a big effort to try to achieve 100% accessibility. The big weeds have been cut down, there’ll be plenty of fine tuning to do to bring it up to speed, however the huge work has been done. The big work has included changing the hosting service and introducing more php and sql scripting – all new for me. Well, not really new, but still going up the learning curve.

We now need to populate the moodle lms with our AkoNet approaches and things will move steadily on.

And, now, after too much sushi, too much beer, too much coffee, and not enough sleep; it’s absolutely time for bed. ‘Night all.


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