beauty and the beast

Remember that ghastly show that used to be on in the afternoon with Seldom Toogood – so easily and delightfully lampooned as Bloaty and the Beauts? Jeez, will the horror never end?

This evening we cruised off to take in Beauty and the Beast – the Disneyfied musical. We’d been given free tickets and so I was expecting the back row of the nose bleeds. But no, the second row, in the sweat zone. Well done, that Olivia.

The sound of the singing was a little bit raw for my liking, but the sheer exuberance of the performance more than won us over. image from thoroughly enjoyable experience with a real ‘gee-whizz’ factor – some great special effects. Great costumes (well done that Weta). All in all, a great night out – live performance – it’s all good.

Now, I really want to write a musical myself now (me of the no music talent) about pukekos, so I can finally put Lloyd Scott’s legs to full use. Please, Lloyd, can I? OMG, he has the pukeko-ist legs in the universe – and I thought mine were bad.

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