for wifes with one husband

Truely, the things that get asked here…

I have no answers for wives with two husbands – I’ve been lead to believe one husband was quite enough, in fact more than enough in some cases…

It appears there’s a crisis looming for baby boomers – as daddy retires, he figures he’s going to become CEO of the kitchen. How brave is that? That’d be something akin to a death wish, and in some cases divorces are happening. ABC News have an interesting article on Retired Husband Syndrome. Good grief – it’s always a syndrome. If it’s a syndrome, you can bet a support group isn’t too far away. And yes:

In fact, around Japan, more than 3,000 groups have sprung up to retrain retired husbands to be more independent and communicative with their wives.

One group, called “Men in the Kitchen,” teaches male retirees how to cook, clean and shop for themselves.

The article comments that ‘McCartney said that her husband retired without knowing how to run a home. It can be frustrating, but she said that she tried to see her husband’s retirement as a great adventure.’

Oh good grief, people, get it together. We’ve never had so many labour saving devices and instant food lines. The rudiments of cleaning can be learned surprisingly quickly – often by people who don’t speak a word of the prevailing language. Decadence at its most ‘Rome before the fall’-ness.

Wives: build a life before your husband retires.
Husbands: why wait? Retire now. Clearly there’s very little to by waiting. I believe – was quoted this by someone in the trade – the average male secondary school teacher in New Zealand does not live more than 18 months into their retirement. Get a clue, guys, get out while you can. There’s a world of despotism awaiting you at home. Unfortunately it’s going to be just you and the cat, because your missus read this blog first; and she’s out there building her own reality.

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