the long way home

Over the weekend I started the long night’s journey into day as I convert the weed patches into garden. It’s not as bad as it was last year and in just two days I managed to get most of the weeds very frightened. Some branches accidentally fell off the trees that lean across our fence, and generally things are taking shape.

I’m always surprised at how much vegetation our small backyard produces – I’ve got a huge heap lurking on the lawn. I’m feeling sufficiently confident that a couple of other trees – well, big shrubs, to be fair, are going to go – I never liked them and that part of the garden is about to get converted into a very New Zealand section with more ferns, more water worn stones and generally attempt to capture the look of the Hutt River in our back yard.

Meanwhile, my body is complaining as these muscles that aren’t used all that much are called on to deliver some action. I would never have made it as a caveman – takes me all my time to wander around the supermarket let alone run down an ibex and slay it.


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