wellington’s shame

Over the last few weeks my wife, some friends and I have been organising New Zealand’s first international weblog conference – Blog Hui. What’s been ‘interesting’ is a group of individuals have been offended by our upstart start up. It’s not as though they were taking any action, rather more of a harrumph harrumph-fest. Anyway, they held a mass debate and generally and specifically slagged us off. Not after ascertaining any facts, of course, but just vitriol of a most spoilt brat kind. Pathetic really.

One of the big complaints has been around the charging for attending the hui. I imagine the same slagging hasn’t gone on for the U2 concert (on the same weekend), or the 7’s rugby – on this weekend. I can only assume it’s because their mommies haven’t given them enough pocket money.

And this is the part that makes me so sick.

Within about 500 metres of the Beehive there are people living under a bridge.

So while these political firebrands are impressing themselves with their wit and wisdom, whimpering about government this and public that, people less fortunate than themselves tuck up each night in dirty blankets.

Shame, Wellington, shame.


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