Today I realised I’m making little notes and writing little snippets on my list of things to do pad. It’s not that my life is becoming more organised – really, anything but, however little accumlated marginalia is arriving…interestingly, and as an aside, today is the first day where volume has passed 1,000 hits – 1,290 to be obsessive.

Tanks roll into Tiananmen Square, December 1989 (AP) from the BBCGetting back to the marginalia – becoming now self referential, I should be noting it on my pda, or voicing it into my phone. Instead I take my trusty and now beloved pencil, and carefully write down the note. There’s a lot to be said for the tactile response of pencil on paper.

Right, off to update web sites. That’s web sites, not websites. Went to pick up my thesis today – spelling mistake courtesy of the binders – website – on the front cover. I did a mini freak out, but said it was ok. When I got home I had to ring back and say, no, I don’t want a spelling mistake on the front page of my thesis. It’s web site. Not website. Like building site. Not buildingsite. Like bomb site, not bombsite. What’s next? Weatherreport? Hamandeggs?


Marginalia is defending the right to use English in the free world, with or without images of prophets, profits, tanks or thanks.


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