a very big yes to the survival of the heart

Today, my valentine’s day gift from a ’secret’ admirer is the most amazingly wonderful compilation – A History – The Penguin Cafe Orchestra. If you click on the link you can hear some of the wonderful tracks on the cds in this boxed set. Start with ‘Beanfields’. If you know us at all well, you’ll recognise that track. It’s just exceptional music.

This is how Amazon describes it: UK compilation represents the most comprehensive collection of the unique rock act’s material available to date. 60 digitally remastered tracks including two previously unreleased tracks, ‘Yodel 2′ & ‘In The Back Of A Taxi’. The 4 discs are housed in a deluxe hardback book-style format (approx. 5.5 x 10 inches). Includes 48 pages of notes, color photographs & discography.

Accurate but hardly evocative. What Simon Jeffes described his music is: “a very big yes to the survival of the heart in a time when the heart is under attack from the forces of coldness, darkness and repression.”

I’ve learned Simon and his band of random musicians were on the edges of some of my other favorite musicians. Brian Eno. Pink Floyd. They opened for Kraftwerk. They recorded at Peter Gabriel’s studio. Terence, I don’t know if you ever discovered these penguins, but you would’ve loved them.

And as for my secret admirer – well, what a day when the heart has been under attack. Love the gift, love the music, love you.


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