good lord, I’m bored

Hello Ladies.
Welcome to my blog. The reason you’re here is you’ve probably found this link in Google, or possibly MSN, and you’ve clicked through to have a read. Interesting how I know this stuff, my blog machine captures the information and shares it with me. I like to see what you’ve been looking for so I can think about it and respond. I like that kind of thing.

Here’s what I’ve done since 17:00 this evening when I finished work. I walked to the library and convinced the bored guy at the counter to take the cd I borrowed and to return it for me so I wouldn’t set off the alarms with the library books in my briefcase. They’re books I got out today for my wife. I walked about 10 blocks and met my wife at the dentist. I drove us home after her appointment, and made her a coffee. I had a great conversation with a speaker in the upcoming blog conference. I climbed the ladder and put stuff away in the high closet. I put stuff away in our bedroom. I took the ladder back downstairs and put it in the garage. I put the toolbox back in the garage. I emptied and reloaded the dishwasher. I watered some of the houseplants. I put a load of laundry on. I walked three blocks and emptied the post office box. I watered the garden, and all the outdoors potted plants. I had some dinner made by my wife. I replied to five emails, wrote three. Sat on the couch with my wife and watched some tv, and tried to not go to sleep – tv – now THAT’S boring. Agreed to repair a broken video tape. Wrote this blog posting. And now I’m about to go to bed, it’s still today. I’ll read for about 30 minutes into tomorrow. That’s 7.5 hours from when I stopped my job, and that’ll give me 6 hours sleep before it’s wake up and head off to the office.

It’s better when the dog is away. But bored? Bored is when you don’t have to do anything for your self – when everything is taken care of for you. And yeah, sounds really good to me.


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