dawn chorus

Ah – to be in Island Bay, at dawn… Can that sound be the squeals of ecstasy from copulating whales? Flying birds?

Image of Nic McGowan and Rachael Tempest from the DominionPostNo, it was Synth Birds of Dawn, a theremin concert by composer – performer Nic McGowan.

Basically, the noise of the shrieking and whining was almost deafening and most unpleasant, and that was from the local citizens. I imagine Nic’s work was interesting and stimulating – a kind of acoustic rapping the Wellington coastline – you know – like Christo wrapping the New South Wales coastline.

And sadly, you missed it? Well, using advanced technologies you can now play with a flash-powered theremin in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Here’s a Japanese digital version to play with. Turn your speakers up very loud and enjoy.

Wiki says: The theremin or thereminvox (originally pronounced /tay-ray-meen/ but often anglicized as /there-uh-min/) is one of the earliest fully electronic musical instruments. Invented in 1919 by Russian Lev Sergeivitch Termen (also Termin, later gallicized to Léon Theremin, /lé-on tay-ray-meen/), the theremin is unique in that it requires no physical contact in order to produce music and was, in fact, the first musical instrument designed to be played without being touched…

Aging headbangers, you’ve heard a theremin solo on Led Zep’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’. “So THAT’S what that was!”

Nic, you keep going son, you’ve upset the locals in a suburb; time now to set your sights on bigger targets.

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