Wrestler-mania!Last night was something of a cultural shift – I think – for all of us. We went to the WWE Smackdown Wrestling. I was a bit surprised that D., wrestling’s greatest fan, didn’t really seem to engage as much as I’d expected. He was completely numb with joy, and the multi-media, multi-sensory overload was phenomenal.

I’m not wrestling’s biggest fan, really couldn’t give a rat’s nono about it, but you’d have to be a complete nono if you didn’t engage while there. We’d paid huge bucks to be front and centre and actually, that was money well spent. If you weren’t front and centre you might as well be in the stands, where the big screens would’ve delivered views without mad fans jumping up in front of you.

I think I liked the crowds the most – we were sitting in a kind of neutral zone between two bands of chanting fans. I particularly liked the speedy response – one group started (good naturedly) baiting the continuity guy, ‘You’re a fat f*ck’, ‘You’re a fat f*ck’; where upon the other side jumped in with ‘He’s our good friend’, ‘He’s our good friend’… The guy moved over to the friends’ side of the ring and bowed and smiled, and snubbed and waved to the other side, and everyone laughed. And the chants moved on to new subjects.

Theatre in the sweat zone.


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