whale watchers

Even though I was feeling very unwell, we spent pleasant hours with friends at the Backbencher this evening. You know the place – famous for its political bloggers and other puppets. Not surprisingly the food was over-priced and oily, and the drinks were over-priced and watery. Obviously they have far too many patrons used to dining at the public trough, and figure they can serve accordingly.

Our friend (New York-based) is very instrumental in publishing comment on the work of the UN’s Security Council, and it was very interesting to learn about the challenges of publishing, writing in a authorative and clear manner, and the impacts web publishing can have for developing and smaller countries. After listening to Andrew Thomson, it’s interesting to hear kiwis – in particular ex-pat Wellingtonians – punching well above their weight in the world arena. It’s great, and encouraging to hear that people are watching the watchers, and publishing what they see, even when some of what they’re watching is on the whale scale.


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