my dreams don’t fit in your formats

It’s 14:00, Thursday afternoon. Marica and I picked up Trevor Romain and his lovely wife from the airport this morning – 9:30 on the dot. I’ve been a big fan of Trevor’s writing for a long time now – I don’t recall any other writer who has so often moved me emotionally: happy, sad, yay-the-goody, boo-the-baddy – the entire gamut of responses…

And after some recent experiences where digital reality and 3d reality has been rather mismatched, while I was waiting for a little by myself, I wondered whether the image in my mind in would in any way match reality. What would Trevor Romain be like in reality?

One word: Gooderer.

We’ve had a traumatic few weeks – couple of years really.

But we’d got to a point today where we were sitting with two new friends (that felt like two old friends), having Scram’n’sam (scrambled eggs and smoked salmon), in the most astounding pin-sharp light of the midmorning at Chocolate Fish, the water was clear, the wind just a slight breeze, and do you know? Not one of us missed work at all.

So, after all the hits of the last couple of years, two words: Worth it.

So, where to from here? We’re still working it through, but something profound happened this morning. Birds began to flutter their wings a little, waves began to splash differently, and the light changed. Magic.

We drove back around the bays, and as we scurried back into the city, Trevor spied a grafitto which summed up the morning for me.

My dreams don’t fit in your formats.

Slight update, March 30, 2006. Sorry to all the people upset by my use of the word ‘gooderer’. I will try to use betterer English in the future.


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