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Our card from Trevor Romain

End of the first day of Blog Hui. A number of the participants and I walked down the (wish it was) tropical waterfront to the Genghis Khan for the aftermatch function. I really fancy climbing into a large gin and tonic and eating far too much chili and lime fish on noodles. There’s a few issues with this, first, I’m mostly avoiding alcohol so my head will be clear for the morrow, and the GK doesn’t do fish – at least in the way I have in mind.

I’ve spent the day juggling presenters and timing them – it’s been a real ’slot you here if I can swap for this person so they can go here’. As a result I didn’t get the best out of the speakers, but depsite that, enjoyed them all hugely. It’s such a change of pace from my day-to-day job – in this case I’m so impressed with the scholarly and yet entertaining presentations. The new speakers ernestly keeping things on the straight and narrow, the experienced speakers feeling free to go with the flow a little more.

It’s been a joy organising the hui – there’s been plenty of times I wondered if it’d ever come together as well as it has – but to date it’s been just great. I’ve really enjoyed watching people network and share their praxis and experience; even when things were coming a little unstitched. I particularly applauded Philip presenting using the WAP connection on his phone to make his presentation work – well done, Philip, and thank you for the drive-by thrilling.

And now, the best thing is trying to get enough sleep to get through tomorrow.


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