song 6 from outer space

I was surprised today when a nagging voice from my past – you know who you are – emailed me at work to the effect of ‘here I am stuck in the gulag with nothing to make me laugh, and you haven’t blogged for days and what’s with that then eh? Blogged out after Blog Hui?’

Wow. Someone reads here. Who knew? Actually not blogged out after Blog Hui, rather, more about my job eroding my blogging and writing. Now that’s a bad thing. Welcome, gentle reader, and I am sorry about the gulag.

But here’s the question for the day. I have a number of cds. People do these days. I’ve noticed that very often my favourite song on the cd is track 6. It’s not immediately apparent (now sounding like my report writing at work) whether this is some kind of satanic plot (it could happen) or apophenia or just a random event. Maybe the engineers just like track six.

Or maybe it is an alien plan and I’ve already been consumed by their nefarious engineerings. Take a listen to your cds, and check out what is on track six right now. For me it’s scherzo and trio, on cd 4, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, ‘A History’.


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